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Anita Caudle


Welcome!  If there is one thing I want every student to grasp it is that that most often, the process is more important that the end product. Every year students enter my room saying, "I can't draw."  I reply, "Great! You came to the right place!"

Students don't come in to Art I as accomplished artists.  Many times society and the pace at which we live can prevent students from having creative experiences.  Have you ever seen a pre-school child that didn't like to paint or cut and paste?  Exactly.  Creativity is something I believe we are born with.  However, creativity takes practice.  Drawing takes practice.  The more you draw, the better you become.  The process should be emphasized because we need to understand that having fun, learning new things, and simplying trying are just as important as the end product.  We do not have to produce masterpieces to enjoy art and learn more about it.  But....guess what?  When we relax and enjoy the process, and quit thinking that we "can't", we actually begin to get better.  We learn more.  We practice.  We enjoy art and we create beautiful pieces.  It's not so important anymore that we make something that is better than everyone elses or that we compare our work to other student's.  We have reconnected with our creative selves and we can enjoy creating.  That's the magic.  That's the fun! That's when we are ready to really learn more!

Anita Caudle

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