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This is a FANTASTIC site to practice your Spanish (and any other language you might want to learn).  It is a resource that will evaluate your level of knowledge and let you work at your own pace.  You will practice your listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.  

Classzone Online Textbook Support is a website provided by our textbook publishers.  On this site, one can access various types of activities that support learning of grammatical, vocabulary, and reading exercises.  We use Classzone one time per month during class and I encourage students to utilize it when away from school.

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Edmodo is a tool that I use as an educator to post assignments that requires them to turn in electronically.  Each student has an account for my class.  I use this site when students are required to create an online presentation.


Site that I require students to use sometimes to create technological presentations.  This is a more up-to-date and modern way of creating visual slideshow presentations which more and more colleges and universities are requiring students to use (instead of the stardard Power Point).

Spa Leon
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This site allows the student to practice various verb tenses and forms.

Study Stack
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This is a fabulous website that allows a student to input any data he or she needs to study.  I use this site mainly as a vocabulary practice.  The student enters his/her vocabulary words in both Spanish and English and does so in the definition/answer format which is a flashcard learning strategy.  The student can then play various games to help him/her learn the new terms. 

**Sidenote:  this site is a great site for learning terms of any curriculum or facts


Quia is a site where educators from around the world have created various online learning activities and games to help students learn Spanish.


Quizlet is a site that allows me to create specific activities for my students to do online in order to increase his or her fluency in Spanish.  I can create grammatical, vocabulary, cultural, or any other type of activities that I feel will help them learn Spanish.


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